In the first step, you will have to find the right drivers from the manufacturer sites , save them in your USB drive then install them. After that, you can download the drivers to another computer then transfer them for use on your machine. The system will take you to the driver download page, where you will then select the exact latest drivers for your motherboard. Ensure that you download drivers for every component on the motherboard. When you want hardware with some features, there are cases that the drivers that come with your OS do not support. Sometimes the drivers might support the hardware but not all its features. Your computer will also give you notifications whenever updates for your hardware components like mouse or keyboard.

where printer drivers are stored windows 10

In the next step, you will need to boot your PC into safe mode and update the BIOS on your PC. Once the BIOS update is complete, you should restore your backup, then reconfigure everything to ensure it is as it was before the BIOS update. Before updating your BIOS, back up all the critical files and Windows settings on your PC. Backing up the data is simple and only takes a few minutes.

Fix Windows keeps installing old AMD drivers

Using outdated, incorrectly configured, or corrupted drivers can also be a security risk as they’re vulnerable to malware and viruses. Also, if Windows can not download drivers, there are some useful options to consider. Any time that you have had to print something at a hotel, a friend’s house, or a client’s office, you might have installed a new print driver. After recovering the deleted/lost Windows 10 drivers, you can copy them to the original driver location in Windows 10 and reinstall the drivers if needed. You can try to use a professional free data recovery tool to recover deleted or lost drivers on Windows 10. Click Include subfolders option, and click Next button to start installing the newer driver.

In Hiveon OS you can update the whole system image to the latest stable version with the command hive-replace -l and forget about the drivers. This way, you will also gain access to new system features and update the kernel.

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