Community Care Patient Bill of Rights

  • Be fully informed in advance about the care and services to be furnished, including the disciplines that will furnish the care / service and the proposed frequency
  • Be fully informed in advance of any changes in the case or service to be furnished
  • Participate in planning care and services as well as changes in care or services. You may refuse all or part of your care to the extent permitted by law after being informed of the expected consequences of such action
  • Receive an assessment and management of pain, as warranted by your condition and the scope of services provided by the Agency
  • Confidentiality of all information obtained during the delivery of care / services in accordance with Federal and state laws
  • Be informed about how the agency will use your health information; be informed how to access your information for review of accuracy and completeness. We will not disclose without your authorization any protected health information for purposes other than to facilitate your treatment, to support our day-to-day operations or to secure payment
  • Voice grievances regarding care or services, without coercion, discrimination, reprisal, or unreasonable interruption of services for doing so. Although not required, we request that if you have any complaints or concerns, you first attempt to resolve these directly with us
  • Submit patient complaint about the care and services provided or not provided and complaints concerning lack of respect for property by anyone furnishing service on behalf of the agency. A complaint may be submitted verbally or in writing. The administrator will investigate such complaint. Findings will be discussed within 15 days or sooner of the date the complaint was filed. You have the right to a written response if requested or if the complaint is submitted in writing
  • If the complaint is not satisfied with the investigation findings, you have the right to an appeal process, the governing authority member or committee will review the complaint and findings and will respond within 30 days of receipt of the appeal
  • Have your property treated with respect. You may voice grievances regarding lack of respect for property by anyone furnishing services on our behalf, and not be subjected to discrimination and reprisal for doing so
  • Be fully informed orally and in writing in advance of coming under the care of our agency
  • All items and services furnished by or under arrangements with our agency for which payment may be expected under Medicaid or any other sources of which our agency may be reasonably aware
  • Any charges for items and services not covered under Medicaid or other insurance payor
  • Any charges you may have to pay regarding items and services furnished by or under arrangements with our agency
  • Any charges we are aware of in the coverage of or the charges for items and services for which you may be liable, as soon as possible but no later than 30 calendar days from the date our agency becomes aware of such change
  • Be informed of any experimental treatment or research being conducted by our agency in which you will participate and to not receive such treatment or to participate in that research unless you give voluntary informed consent
  • Have your authorized representative exercise all of your patient’s rights if you are incapacitated
  • Formulate Advance Directives (Living Wills or Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care) or sign a proxy appointing a Surrogate Decision Maker
  • Receive care whether you have executed in Advance Directive
  • Have your wishes honored regarding fife sustaining care as stated in your advance directive document, only in the presence of a valid physician’s order, and change your decision to forego or withdraw life sustaining care at any time
  • Contact the Agency 24 hours a day
  • Contact the Department of Health Hotline to ask questions voice complaints about home health agencies and voice complaints concerning the implementation of the advance directive requirements.
  • Receive communication in a language or form you can understand. Whenever possible the Agency will provide or assist in obtaining special devices, interpreters, or other aids to facilitate communication
  • Be fully informed, prior to our agency referring you to any other provider, of any relationships our agency has that may bring profit to our agency when it makes referrals
  • Be told on request if our liability insurance will cover injuries to our employees that are in your home and if other insurance will cover theft or property damage that occurs while you are being treated
  • Receive service without regard to race, creed, gender, age, handicap, sexual orientation, veteran’s’ status, or lifestyle
  • Be informed regarding organizational control and ownership upon request
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