Comparing Live-In and 24-Hour Care

24-hour care providers work by the hour, whereas live-in caregivers usually work by the day. In addition, care recipients who require live-out care are typically individuals who require much more attention (usually day and night) than those who can make do with a live-in type of care. For example, patients who choose 24 Hour Care in a care facility may:

  • Need turning in bed every two hours to avoid bed sores and other inactivity-related complications
  • Be individuals with dementia who cannot be left unattended for even short periods of time, and have a disposition to wandering or different forms of agitated sleeplessness
  • May be diabetics who need regular monitoring and dispensation of insulin
  • Have a high fall risk, or someone on a strict medication regimen or Hospice

In contrast, the typical patient who benefits from live-in care is someone who needs minimal attention at night.

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